Greentech - Special Machines


  • COMBI 400 - COMBI 500 - COMBI 600 - COMBI 800

    The standard installation provides the combination of a rear hedge mower whose model identify the Combined model (ex. COMBI800 identifies a Combined composed of DOC 800 rear hedge mower and of MBS “Raiber” equipment installed on the centre of the tractor) The arm is normally installed with a framework locadel under the tractor, axles set, that joins the rear and central equipment, rendering the machine more strong and lasting. The machines are serial and all the accessories are the one’s provided for the arm and for “Raiber”. Don’t hesitate to contact the company for any technical suggestions.


  • MBS 70 - MBS 80

    This equipment can be installed on tractors with reversible driving place or with front lifting system; it can be also installed on vehicles equipped with a universal front coupling place. It is equipped with 2 cutting disks and it can reach up to a max mowing width of 1500 mm. The equipment cuts the grass along the road shoulders and can easily enter any guard-rails as it is equipped with separated openings of the disks and with a telescope which lets it enter the European guard-rails with triple corrugation. It can be mounted on the front, on the back or to the side. Any testing as an operating machine is separately charged.