Greentech includes “special” professional machines for the public and private green cleaning, and they are mainly addressed to the operators and to the companies that carry out the grass mowing for government corporations and/or local authorities and therefore they require highly dedicated machines.
The adjective “special” doesn’t want to mean out of ordinary machines, but machines built “tailored” to the client according to the “mobile central power”, as the tractor also is called, made available for its construction. We always talk about tractors, but in fact these equipments can be also applied to other types of equipments such as trucks, backhoe loaders or similars.
In particular, the division distinguished by the mark Greentech, relates the cleaning of deep embankments and verges provided with road protections such as guard-rails, kerbstones, and so on; arm-mowers machines until 20 meters long and straddle equipments for verges called “Raiber”.
All our machines are distinguished by the quality of materials and hydraulic components used. This is even more important for this kinds of machines, in which top quality materials are widely used such as Domex 700, austempered high strength sheet metals of swedish origin, first level hydraulic components of world quality, with proportional distributors compensated for handling controls and hydrostatic piston installations for power cut ever more elevated.
They include:

  • Combined. These machines are composed by the combination, as the word itself suggests, of an arm-mower equipped behind the tractor complete with hydraulic mulcher and a machine for verges type “Raiber” placed in the middle or front of the tractor complete with two independent cutting discs. Combined machine enables the simultaneous use of the two machines, obtaining a very high cutting width along the road quayside. As a result we get a strong increasing of production.
  • Middle Mounted Hedge Mower. They are arm-mowers placed in the middle of the tractor guaranteeing excellent visibility, enabling, to reach high distances of mowing, up to 20 meters, thanks to an excellent stability obtained by a proper installation of the arm and of the possible opposite ballast. They are mainly telescopic arms that allow to have large extensions and of being compact in closing position, in order to consent the road circulation.


The trademark Moris distinguishes other types of products strongly correlated to the previuos ones, as they remain in the public and private reclamation place, but with features of standardization, that’s to say machines that are widely used on equipments such as tractors, excavators, backhoe loaders, etc. The main difference with the Greentech machines is the lack of work “tailored”. They are machines addressed to a market of professionals who don’t wish to dedicate, in an exclusive way, the means to a particular kind of work.
They include:

  • Rear hedge mowers. The subcategories are Farm & Professional for hedge mowers applicable to tractors 50/110 HP with extensions up to 6 meters and Professional Plus for hedge mowers applicable to tractors 90/250 HP with extensions up to 10,5 meters.
  • Terminal tools such as hydraulic mulchers, cutting-head discs, pruning shear, cutting bar, etc.
  • Hydraulic mulchers suitable for mini excavators and excavators.
  • Backhoes. It has been for many years the leading product of the brand Moris as it the first one built on its history; a product remained unchanged for many years symbol of its goodness and reliability.